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CYCLE Competence Centre POLSKA to be presented on the biggest Polish conference on circular economy!

This year yet another edition of the biggest international scientific conference on circular economy in Poland was held, with the topic “Circular economy – rational resource management”. This was the third meeting concerning circular economy organized by the Institute of Mineral and Energy Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences – the Strategic Research Laboratory.

The conference is part of the international project “International cooperation for Rational Use of Raw Materials and Circular Economy” financed by the National Academic Exchange Agency.

The aim of the conference was the exchange of knowledge and experience and presentation of activities promoting the implementation of the closed-loop economy in Europe in the field of creating new pro-ecological technological, organizational and systematic solutions in the area of mineral resources management, as well as discussion and presentation of good practices. The proposed solutions, in accordance with the assumptions of the circular economy, should aim at maintaining high value and quality of resources, materials and products in the economy for as long as possible, minimizing the amount of waste generated through the most effective management. Rational management of resources in the light of the circular economy concerns many research areas, therefore the leading theme was the rational use of resources from primary and secondary sources, taking into account predicted social and economic changes and innovative technological solutions.

With the view to the fact that CYCLE Competence Centre POLSKA will have been already finished, 36.6 CC is planning to take part in next year’s edition of the conference, presenting the deliverables of the CYCLE project.

More information on the conference website:

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