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Presentation of the new Erasmus+ platform“Cycle Competence Centre” in Vienna

3s, the Austrian project partner of the Erasmus+ project “CYCLE” and the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres presented the Austrian version of the CYCLE CC EU platform in Vienna on 30 September 2019.

For the Austrian Multiplyer Event of the project “CYCLE”, experts from the fields of circular economy and sustainability gathered in the office of 3s in Vienna. These included not only adult educators, for whom the platform was designed, but also representatives of numerous organisations active in the field of circular economy and sustainability or representatives of various adult education providers.

In the first part of the event, the CYCLE project, the project consortium and the aims of the project were presented. Afterwards, the participants could take a look at the new EU portal “CYCLE Competence Centre”, which is offered in Englisch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

The Austrian version of the platform “CYCLE CC Austria” with the three focal points “Principles & Concepts”, “Circular Stories” and “Into Action – Teaching Resources” was the main focus of attention of the second part of the event.
The participating experts showed a great interest in the new platform, both in the background information on the topic of circular economy and in various best-practice examples of successful initiatives and circular economy stories. The focus of attention, however, was on the teaching materials like articles, videos, podcasts, online seminars or serious games.

The “CYCLE CC Österreich” platform is the first collection of teaching materials on the subject of circular economy in Austria. In the course of the”Fridays for Future” and other movements on the topic of Climate Change, the participating experts expressed that this platform appeared at just the right time.

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