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Publication “Circular Economy and Lifelong Learning: Scenarios – Methodologies – In action”

Capitalising on the multiplier event held in Brussels and the connections made among participating stakeholders, ACR+, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, released on 17 July 2019 a report promoting the development of local loops of the circular economy through educational toolsEntitled “Circular Economy and Lifelong Learning: Scenarios Methodologies In action, the publication aims to make the experiences of the participants a shared treasure by sharing them with educators, policymakers and managers of NGOs and training organisations.

The three chapters of this booklet are structured to cover different areas of the lifelong learning landscape:circular thinking in education; upskilling waste, repair & reuse industry; facilitating the transition towards a circular economy. Chapter 2 contains a section about the competence framework that has been developed in the framework of the CYCLE project.

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